Tantric Methods for Dissolving Personal Demons:
Self-empowerment processes:

Neutralizing and transforming internal negative energy
Breath practices to spread energy and open the channels 
Identifying and moving through obstacles
Understanding the energetic and emotional dynamics of self-made obstacles
Lessons pain and obstacles teach us
Identify relationshhip between physical imbalnces and chronic emotional states
Identifying habitiual holding patterns and negative feedback patterns
Breaking the cycles of self-destructive thinking and dysfunctional behavior
Transforming personal demons into spiritual guides and allies
Dissolving and releasing addictions to substances, people or behaviors
Gain freedom from internal pretender voices (voices that pretend to know what's good for us)
Freeing the breath and the spirit of the life force 
Dissolving emotional armoring and muscular holding patterns
Breaking attachments to outdated and familiar patterns of dysfunction
Finding quiet, calm, energy and bliss
Learn internal alchemy practices yoga for life

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Lama Tsultrim Allione * Tara Mandala
Offers spiritual processes in transforming one's internal landscape. 

Tara Mandala is a vibrant international Buddhist community with over 40 groups around the world and is centered at the 700-acre Retreat Center outside of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Tara Mandala was established in 1993 by Lama Tsultrim Allione and her late husband, David Petit, to foster the development of innate wisdom for the benefit of all beings.